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Welcome to PEERIUM.

The home of your extended peer in Asia.

We are the game changer in your Asia business!

Want to save time?

We have a vast network of suppliers.
Whether it is plastic injection, CNC milling, toolmaking, metal die casting, thixomolding, printed circuit boards (PCB’s), software, design services, woodworks, fabrics and clothing, furniture, ceramics, optics, or full package turn-key final assembly.
You name it – we’ve got it!

Low margins?

Is your product too costly, and you are not sure why?
Are you sure you are paying the right amount of money for what you are getting in return?

Want to cut travel cost?

Take advantage of the expertise of expat experts who have been in the region for decades.
Save the travel cost and get better results!


Doing business with Asia, and feel you are not getting the message across,
or the understanding in place?

Simple ROI

The costs quickly piles up when doing it yourself. Feel the difference with Peerium!

Communication issues?

Need help getting your message across,
or need someone on the ground with the same mindset as you?


Need help finding the right supplier in Asia?

Quality issues?

Is the product you receive below your expectations,
or is your return rate from the market too high?

Due dilligence?

Want to make an investment in Asia?
Not sure if things are what they appear to be, and need someone to verify?

Don't speak the language?

Do you have problems getting through,
or not sure if the supplier understands you?

Supply chain issues?

Is your supplier blaming supply chain issues,
or seemingly having issues getting material on time,
and it is unclear to you WHY?

Yield issues?

Is your supplier not delivering the right quantities, at the right time,
at the right cost – and you need someone to CORRECT that?


Manufacturing • Engineering • Statistical Analysis • Cost-down analysis • DFx • NPI • Factory audit • RFQ/RFP/RFI management
Sustaining Engineering • Process improvement • Cpk analysis • CLCA/CAPA • Employee Coaching and Development
KPI proactiveness • Quality assurance • On-site customer support • Vendor management • Quality management
Risk assessment • Asset management • Due diligence • Brand / IP protection • Investigations • Investor relations