We will help review your specifications and documentation, to make sure they get the message across to the supplier in Asia. We’ll verify that it is understood and that the supplier is delivering to your requirements.


We are centrally located in Hong Kong, in the heart of Asia. We can be anywhere in Asia within 3 hours flight. We are also just across the border from Shenzhen. We can be at the suppliers doorstep within just a few hours from you letting us know.



We pride ourselves in excellent communication, and we speak the local language. We share both the European and the Asian mindset, and we draw on BOTH to get the best possible results. Let us be your voice in Asia, we will make sure you are heard!


We see it as our job to generate more profit and better quality for you as a customer. We do that through experience, dedication, and well-proven manufacturing methodologies. If you want to make more money, let Peerium help you do that!

The power of Peerium


less travel cost


more efficient


Response rate

Peerium Searches and Crunches

We have developed a series of terms, to make it easier for you to visualize how we can help you with your Asia business.


You have a supplier today. You are not getting deliveries on time, and it may not be clear to you why this is. In this exercise, Peerium goes out and finds new suppliers that are able to meet your lead time demands, and present these to you as possible 2nd source suppliers to your existing supply chain. The project runs offline from your day-to-day operations, and you save time and resources.


You are looking for a capable supplier. Your product needs a supplier that is capable in meeting your requirements, whether the critical aspect is quality, complexity, communication level or cost. Peerium will go out and find a supplier base that suits your needs. You save resources, cost and gain a capable supplier to your supply base.


You are currently sourcing a product from one of your suppliers. You are looking to increase your scope of supply. In this exercise, Peerium goes out and finds 2nd and 3rd source suppliers of the same products, with suppliers that either matches or outperforms the existing suppliers you are currently using. You save time, cost and resources – while you reduce risk by spreading your supply base across several manufacturers.


You have a supplier in Asia today. You are not satisfied with the quality you get. In this exercise, Peerium will bolt on to the manufacturing processes on-site and identify the bottlenecks, process obstacles and component discrepancies you are facing. We would then present a way forward to mitigate these factors to bring your product to the quality levels you need.


Your product is too expensive to manufacture. You see product margins wither away. In this exercise, Peerium goes out and looks at the overall perspective – your Bill of Material, your product process, your supplier competitiveness, and your current logistics solution. In a structured manner, we’ll identify a cost-driven approach to reducing the overall product cost. You save time, money and resources, while your product margins moves back on track.


Performance is not what you thought it would be. There is too much variation in your production process, whether it affects physical appearance, you experience a high return rate from the market, or you have a high fallout rate or scrap cost in production. Using advanced statistical tools and data-driven methodology, Peerium will analyze your production setup and identify the different contributing factors to these issues, and provide a recommendation for the fastest and most cost-effective way to improve your product performance.

  • Reduced overhead 75% 75%
  • Saved travel cost 65% 65%
  • Return on investment 80% 80%
  • Saved time 55% 55%

Money well spent

Compared to sending your own personnel, our experts bring the expertise at a FRACTION of the cost, and in much less time.

Estimates compared to sending someone from Europe or the Americas.

Plans and Pricing

We can offer you a variety of plans, all depending of the type of support you require, and the duration of the assignment.
What matters to us is that YOU ARE SATISFIED!

All quotes are provided in USD, although billing in other currency is possible upon request.

See how we save you time and make you money

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my interests are being taken care of?

At Peerium, we take great pride in making sure that the customers needs are met. Our team is professional, and will report clearly and adequately on the assignment project. If at ANY point you feel that you are not getting the type of attention you feel you are entitled to, let us know, and we will address this immediately.

What are the benefits in using Peerium?

The return of investment is really quite simple. Why spend a lot of money on flights, accomodation, and so on, by sending someone who perhaps are NOT familiar with Asia? Instead, you can leverage Peerium’s expertise on the ground, at a fraction of the cost, and through people who really KNOW Asia (we even speak the language)!

Why doesn't my supplier understand me?

There can be many reasons for this. One is communication-based, as in directly related to the way we communicate, be it email, phonecalls, or both. Another is the cultural mindset being different. At Peerium we understand BOTH, and we bridge that gap to the benefit of all parties.

Am I using the right supplier?

We often see that buyers or companies in Europe and the Americas are misaligned when it comes to their suppliers. Either in terms of annual volumes, the budget, the quality level, MOQ’s – the list goes on. We are here to let you know if your setup is “healthy” – or sustainable, if you like. We identify the risks, and the upsides. We will let you know what you can do in order to maximize your profits from an already established business model.

Why aren't I getting better quality from my supplier?

The supplier will often only go so far, or let’s say do the bare minimum required, in order to make delivery. There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes it can be as simple as a misunderstanding of the customers requirements. What a supplier in China thinks is satisfactory, is often not the same as what a customer in Europe thinks is satisfactory. We make sure that those requirements are clear, and we make sure they are met!